Georgielocks' Wigs

Georgielocks stocks Celtic Creations and Melaine Murphy wigs as the best you can buy. Their quality is second to none and they represent excellent value for money!

Always check your choice of wig with your teacher first - they may have a particular preference!

The following wigs are available and can be re-set many times. As soon as you notice a bit of frizz on a curl;

For the less defined curls: Spritz your new wig with wig conditioner spray and press in lightly (do not rub) after each use and allow to dry before storage to prolong its life and keep it looking at its best!
Please note that areas of higher friction such as around the hairline will inevitably get matted over time. Proper wig care will minimise frizzing but nothing can prevent it altogether.

bun promo Bun Wigs

Suitable for all ages, bun wigs are a popular choice for beginners, teams and the very littlest dancers. The hair is wound into a high bun and pinned with a few grips. The bun wig is placed over the hair and has a little comb inside to push into the base of the bun at he top for anchorage. The elastic drawstring is then pulled tight, ensuring all the dancer's real hair is tucked inside, and would around the base. Finally a few hairgrips or pins for added security and you are set to go! Available in 2 sizes: Standard and Large. Most popular with beginners and teams.

Caitlyn Bun
Loose curl bun wig from Celtic Creations. Extremely popular with all levels of dancer. Available in 2 sizes: Small and Standard. Small is ideal for dancers up to the age of 8.

 Double Bun
Large, loose ringlet bun wig from Melaine Murphy. Very versatile style. Suitable for ages 10+. Limited colours available (see the item page for colours for this wig, the colour will appear when you coose from the drop-down list).

Aoife promo Aoife

Large, Shirley Temple style ringlets. The shortest of our full wigs. Suitable for dancers aged 6 and up. An excellent choice for those needing more volume than the traditional tight ringlet style.


The largest ringlet wig to date from Celtic Creations. Suitable for age 11 up although some of the younger dancers are also wearing this style. Please note that younger dancers may find the wig's cap a little large and may need to fill the space with bun rings or similar.


Similar in size to the Caitlyn, the Danielle has a less defined curl pattern. Soft and lightweight; suitable from age 9, depending on the size of the dancer.

 Danielle Xtra

A longer version of the Danielle wig. Falls to around 4-5" below the shoulder. Suitable for age 11 and up.

 New Caroline Wig
From Melaine Murphy. Height of fashion, long wig with loose, tumbling curls. This is the wig to buy if you want to wear your hair tied round to the side! Limited colours available (see item page as the colours for this are different to the other wigs).

Putting the Full Wig on!

Most dancers will need their hair divided into three or five ponytails; one on the top of the head and inch or two behind the hairline, and the other two being about an inch back from the ears on either side of the head. (thick hair will need 5 sections, the remaining two being either side of the crown). If the dancer has very fine hair or requires more height, a "doughnut" can be added to the top section (email me if you would like one added to your order). If possible, wind each ponytail into a bun and secure with a few pins. I recommend putting the tiara or hairband on now, before the wig is placed as it helps keep it secure and prevents it from damaging the wig. The wig has a top and bottom so you need to make sure it is not put on upside down! The top has the circular shaped section inside the cap which looks like lace. The combs inside the wig need to be anchored into the base of the buns; first push the comb at the top into the base of the top bun, being careful not to dislodge the tiara. Then ease the wig over the bottom buns and anchor the comb into their base. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the wig sits evenly and secure with a few hairgrips. I recommend having the dancer jump up and down a few times to make sure it doesn't feel loose anywhere!

Colour Chart
(For Celtic Creations Wigs ONLY, See individual item pages for Melaine Murphy wigs)

   #14/24 Mid Blonde           

  #8/30 Dark Chestnut            #613 Platinum/Baby Blonde   #27mb Mid Irish Ginger      

 #27 Light Ginger                    #24bt18 Brown/Blonde        

  #24b27c Honey Blonde          #22mb Ash Blonde            

  #12 Light Brown                 #10 Mid Brown                    

 #8 Dark Brown                   #6 Nearly Black                  
  #4 Black                                #130/28 Copper Red #28 Bright Ginger

 #27t613 Ginger with Blonde Tips

 #30a Rich Mahogany