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Hullachan 2 Patent Pumps


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Hullachan 2

Patent Pump

The second Hullachan design with the three quarter outer sole to emphasize the arch you have in Patent leather. On the inside is a professional orthopedic foam insole that has a memory. This means that it comes back to shape after use. This very special Hullachan front sole or metatarsal padding is 3.2mm thick and offers you a degree of protection that reduces impact injury Probably the second most popular Irish Soft Shoe in the world. Made from slightly prestretched patent leather tanned specially for Hullachan for consistency. Perfect for all arch shapes.

Made in the UK

All genuine Hullachan shoes will have the Hullachan logo inside.

Available in medium only.

Please note these shoes are currently out of production so any size that is out of stock we will NOT be able to get more of at this time.

In our experience dancers will need half to one size LARGER in the Patent shoes than in their regular Hullachans.

When you receive your Hullachan Shoes please remember the following:

Do the shoes feel too big

Are the shoes tight on the length or are they comfortable

Do the shoes feel too wide

Please take your shoes off and point your toes. If you are curling your toes that is incorrect technique and will cause the shoe to have a space in the toe area. Always  keep your toes straight when you point as that strengthens the arch of the foot and stretches the tendons.

Finally when we send a shoe we can never determine the exact fit as we are not there and so the estimate of the fitting is based on trial and error. Normally we get it right but with all the fitting variables the actual fitting is down to the dancer and it is the dancer of course that will have to make that final buying decision. These shoes are soft leather and will conform to the shape of your feet when they have been worn for a little time but saying that we still need input from the dancer to work out whether or not the shoe fits in the first place when they receive it. It is of course reasonable to understand that we are happy to exchange shoes that have not been worn of course or shall, we say that are in a resaleable condition. If the shoes are not fitting and you have worn them, the first thing is to offer them within the class and then reorder from us.



1. Lace normally up to the last set of eyelets or loops.

2. Cross over the laces.

3. Lace the end of the lace through the SECOND set of eyelets from the inside.

4. Take through the back loop.

5. Pull the heel up onto the foot with the laces.

6. Lace through the FIRST set of eyelets now.

7. Pull the excess lace from the front of the foot through the eyelets.

8. Tie in front and either cut off or tuck in.

Always pull the heel up tightly when your laces are thru' the back loop and then pull the sides up when the side eyelets are laced.


Always pull the heel up tightly when your laces are thru' the back loop and then pull the sides up when the side eyelets are laced.

Dancers have trusted us with the health of their feet for over 10 years and we continue to uphold and respect that trust. The special Hullachan styling is unique in the dance world.

The foot has 125 thousand sweat glands and that can produce half a litre of perspiration when wearing your shoes at a competition. Its natural but the shoe will still be wet so the constant wetting and subsequent drying of the shoe will take its toll on the shoe itself. Your Hullachan will therefore need some form of after care treatment. Never put your shoes away after a competition and only see them again when you next dance.  You will need to air and dry the shoes between uses.

Drying shoes after use:

Make sure the shoes are dry before you treat shoes. Hang the shoes in a warm area but not on a direct heat such as a radiator.

Cleaning the leather:

Use a shoe cream to feed the leather once a week.


Treat stitching with beeswax once a week. Run the corner of a beeswax stick over the stitching that is in contact with the ground. The shoes components are both stitched and glued so if stitching should wear away the glue will still hold the component onto the upper.

Heel Pads and Insole Pads

The pads are durable but after a long and possibly excessive wear, the front sole pads may split. If that does happen within six months, send me a copy of your receipt and I will send you a replacement pad or pads. A shoemaker or competent crafts worker will need to remove the old pads and re glue in the new pads. Only use contact adhesive for rubber. Do not use superglue products as these will melt the pads.

HEEL PADS: You do not need a heel pad to dance. These are for comfort only. Some dancers  even take them out as a preference. That is why we do not heavily glue these pads into the shoe. They are lightly glued and may, after a period of time, come loose. Simply glue these back in using a contact adhesive for rubber. We use Bostix cement glue in the UK but you will have different glues in other countries. Read the label, Whatever glue you use DO NOT USE SUPERGLUE TYPE GLUES. These could melt the padding. If you need a replacement pad please email me. 

Optimum wear advice:

Wearing two pairs of shoes are always the best idea as you can alternate between the shoes. This will make the shoes last much longer.

How long will shoes last?

Let me give you some comparisons. A runner will expect a pair of running shoes to last 200 to 300 miles. That can equate to two or three weeks. The shoes look fine but the support will have gone. A ballerina can go through a pair of Pointe Shoes in one performance. Hullachan  Dance shoes are no different depending on the level at which you dance. A novice can expect around four to six months from shoes depending on growth of the dancer. A dancer at championship level will probably go through shoes three times a year or every four to six weeks. After a year your shoes may still look alright but the support may well have gone though and the leather stretched too much. While we do not make shoes in leather that over-stretches the material is never the less organic and as such may eventually breakdown with bacteria from the foots perspiration.

In all instances please read the aftercare advice offered here to make your shoes survive the rigours of dance, practice and competition. These shoes are famous for durability however, Hullachan will offer a 30 day guarantee for normal wear and tear.

We do not cover damage done through wearing on non dance surfaces, stone, gravel or rough floors. We do not cover shoes that have been washed, soaked in water and then dried out under or around heat. We do not cover shoes that are not dried between wears as this will break down the organic elements of the shoes.

(Please read the after care advice offered here)

Soles torn off through being caught on edges of floors are not covered.
Shoes that have been worn outside, washed, altered in any way, are not covered.

Day to day small repairs such as sticking the sole back on if caught on a dance floor etc, by the dancer using a contact adhesive is a normal repair for dancers. Manufacturing faults within this period are covered by Hullachan.

Split insoles within the first six weeks are also covered by supplying a replacement pad or pads that you can insert yourself or at a shoe repair store.

No shoe will be considered unless you can produce a valid receipt from a recognised Hullachan Dealer.


A dancer will possibly have to repair elements of a worn shoe. If using glue do not use the superglue types of adhesive. Only use a contact adhesive, applying glue, waiting until the glue is almost dry and then bonding the leather together.

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Hullachan 2 Patent Pumps
Hullachan 2 Patent Pumps